In the coming months and years, this will be the page to update you on the progress and milestones as they happen. From videos on the scene to quick updates from our teaching pastors, come here for up-to-date information on our construction, global efforts and all the exciting moving parts of the campaign.

Check out the latest progress...

Frankie walks us through the latest updates...

Stay up-to-date on the new Clinton Township campus progress...

View highlights and photos from the groundbreaking celebration...

An update from Chris Zarbaugh, Clinton Township Lead Pastor.

There are hundreds of kids who experience the love and joy that can only be found in Jesus because of your generosity.

A message from Traverse City Lead Pastor Patrick Holden.

The Dupins are listening to God and following his lead.

A Clinton Township couple is giving up something they love for something they love more.

The incredible story of Bay Pointe’s openhandedness and how that plays into the Every[one] campaign is featured in Crain's.

Patrick Holden, Kensington Traverse City's Lead Pastor, gives an update on the latest auditorium renovations.

Clint Dupin shares his family's journey to the East Bay...

Director of Development Alex Calder shares how our good friend Luke the sheep was born...

Steve Andrews, Dave Wilson and Greg Gibbs reflect on big questions on the heels of Reveal Weekend. ...VIEW UPDATE

Hear from the heart of Steve Andrews and Greg Gibbs in a story about the mission of the capital campaign in the Macomb Daily.


This is where it all started. Boy band turned church planters—bringin’ it back in style. Who would’ve known?

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