We know you have questions. We have answers!

Why are we doing this?

God has rocked our world. After a quarter century of exponential growth, you might think we’d kick back and coast along on momentum. Instead, we’re doubling down and we truly believe the best is yet to come. Think of what is at stake. There are people who need to know that the truth of the Gospel is real, and that Jesus loves them and wants them to have an abundant and everlasting life. Why would we not keep moving toward growing His Kingdom?

How has God used the strategy of starting new campuses and churches around the world?

Our methodology has been driven primarily by the desire to start new churches wherever and whenever we can as a vehicle to see every[one] transformed and mobilized by Jesus. Those that are staffed by Kensington leadership and follow the same vision, mission and culture are called campuses. Others called church plants are amazing churches that don’t align with the culture of Kensington nor are under our leadership, but we help them get started. Thousands of church plants are in other countries and cultures, which we call global partner churches. Because we believe that God cares about every person, we start as many new works as we can.

How did we arrive at our target of $30M?

The elements of the campaign reflect several years of discussion, and setting the pledge target allows us to plan within parameters. It came about in three stages:
1. We started with the vision and understanding of what God is calling us to do in the next chapter.
2. We then calculated the resources needed to accomplish it.
3. We then looked at our potential financial capacity. Most churches can raise two to three times their annual offerings in 3-year pledges, which in our case would be around $30M. Not to mention, our last capital campaign generated $18.5M in the heart of the Recession.

What if I cannot give to the Everyone campaign right now?

We totally understand that not everyone has the financial margin to give “over and above” or “extra” funds. We have always been a place rooted in grace and freedom. Grace says there is nothing we can do to earn or lose God’s favor because He loves us no matter what. That is how we feel about people in the Kensington family whether they give or not. And, we have always upheld the freedom to say “not at this time” or “no thank you” to any of the opportunities to give.

How is Kensington approaching the current financial results?

So far, we’ve raised more than $21M from more than 3,000 households that have made a sacrificial commitment. God is good! Although we haven’t hit our target of $30M yet, we know we are on a journey. Targets are just that: targets, and a way to shoot for something big. We may have fallen short of our man-made target, but we approach the $21 million of commitments with nothing short of celebration. So far, we will have more than $21 million to pour into God’s work around the world and in our communities. Who knows what could happen over three years.

What's the plan for the projects?

Over the next few months, we are planning and praying about how we will carry out the projects and initiatives. And, because we are an open-book office, we will quickly reveal what the next steps are. We will pray and plan, and pray again. Then, we will communicate as clearly and widely as possible what our new spending budget is going to be.

Do we expect everybody to regularly give 10% of their income?

Yes and no. Mature believers understand that scripture gives complete freedom about how to invest their resources. At the same time, they know the Bible refers to 10% giving as a target to shoot at or even exceed. It seems logical that if God has given us everything, investing a tenth of that money back into His causes seems reasonable. Since we’re a church where people are welcome to develop at their own pace, we don’t “expect” people just learning about percentage giving to jump right into tithing.

Should I reduce my regular giving to support this campaign?

Please do not. Kensington has an aggressive and ministry-focused general fund budget that depends on the faithful tithes and offerings of our congregation. Capital campaign giving is “over and above” giving, and over a 3-year period.

How will financial facts and progress be reported to the congregation?

We’ve created this custom website for the purpose of updating you on the progress of each exciting project. This site is packed with images and videos that tell the story of what God is doing through Kensington. Via the updates page, we’ll be updating and reflecting you on progress and milestones as they happen. From videos on the scene to quick updates from our teaching pastors, come to the updates page for up-to-date information on our construction, global efforts and all the exciting moving parts of the campaign. We’ll be sure to keep you updated via email and social media too. If you haven’t followed our social channels yet, the time is now!

When do I give to the campaign?

Whenever you’d like. The campaign is over-and-above giving over a three-year period. Some people give all at once, some give once a month, and some give a sum each year. Keep in mind, the campaign covers four tax years (2016-2019) and will be completed Easter 2019.

How do I give to the campaign?

Over the 36 months, we anticipate that people will contribute through all of the ways that people currently give to Kensington. This includes credit and debit cards, EFT, ACH, online banking bill pay, checks, cash, non-cash assets, transfers of stock, vehicle donations, and more. And all of the ways we receive contributions are still in play as well: e-giving through our website, in the offering pouch, in the mail, etc. When you give via cash or check, be sure it’s clearly marked “Every[one]”. To set up recurring e-giving toward your commitment, click “GIVE NOW” on the top navigation of this page. The staff in our Development Office is available to help answer any questions about giving that you might have. Give us a call or send us an email anytime: or 248-786-0637. We’ll respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Can I give to a specific initiative?

All of the financial gifts will be deposited into one capital campaign account. Based on the amount raised, we will determine timelines and sequence of the individual projects. Because all of the Kensington congregations are giving toward all of the projects, it is treated as one big family doing multiple projects together.

Can I set-up recurring giving?

You can set-up recurring giving by clicking on “Give Now” on the top navigation. You have the option to set-up recurring giving on a certain day of each month, weekly, annually, quarterly or however it works best for you.

How can I track how much I've given to the campaign?

You will receive a quarterly giving statement from Kensington to see where you stand in fulfilling your commitment. Also, you can track your giving in relation to your commitment anytime at and click “My Giving” on the navigation.

Do I still need to make a commitment? Can't I just give?

The commitment process is very important. The commitment card is a planning tool that we use to make financial decisions as we pursue the projects that we have planned. Please fill out a commitment card or make an online commitment to inform us of the total amount that you plan to give toward the Every[one] campaign over the next three years. If you aren’t participating in the campaign, please let us know by marking “0” on your card, or filling out a “0” via online commitment so we know not to follow-up with you.

Am I making a pledge? I keep hearing the word commitment.

In different traditions, both terms refer to the concept of giving church leadership an indication of what a person or household will contribute over a period of time.

Are there other ways I can register my commitment?

Sure thing! You can make a secure online commitment by clicking on “Commit Now” on this page. You can also drop your commitment card in the offering at any service, or mail it to Kensington Church, Attn Finance, 1825 E Square Lake Road, Troy, MI 48085.

Will I be receiving a confirmation of my commitment amount?

Yes. Anyone who commits to Every[one] will receive a confirmation of that commitment to make sure it was registered correctly in our secure system at Kensington.

I am intending to give monthly throughout the campaign. Does Kensington need to know that?

We won’t be tracking or recording a person’s intended pace or pattern of giving. As much as this is very helpful for cash flow planning, we will be trusting that the contributions will come in through a fairly consistent pattern over the 36 months. We have modeled our spending plan on the pace that we anticipate based on previous campaigns.

How many tax years does the campaign cover?

A gift to a qualified charitable organization (Kensington) may entitle you to a charitable contribution deduction against your income tax if you itemize deductions. Please keep in mind that the three calendar years of the campaign will cover four tax years. That means a commitment to Kensington can be fulfilled in years 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019—and the giving will officially be completed in March 2019.

When do I deduct the contribution from my tax return?

A contribution to a qualified charity is deductible in the year in which it is paid. Putting the check in the mail or e-giving to the charity constitutes payment. A contribution made on a credit card is deductible in the year it is charged to your credit card, even if payment to the credit card company is made in a later year.

I still have money going to Trans4mationext. Where's that money going now?

First of all, thank you! Your consistent giving to T4 not only helped that campaign make a huge impact, but it also provided the seed money to get Every[one] started on the right foot. At this point, all previous capital campaign projects are completed. Your over-and-above giving will now be re-routed to Every[one]. Please fill out your Commitment Card accordingly—in other words, put in the amount that you will anticipate giving to the new Every[one] campaign over the next 36 months, even if it’s the same amount that you previously were giving to T4. (Meaning, if you were/are still giving $100 per month to T4, and you plan to do this for the duration of the Every[one] campaign, then write $3600 on your Every[one] commitment card).



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